Season 1 Edit

Place Name Subsequent Seasons
20th Terese Second Chance - 8th
19th Kira Second Chance - 1st
18th Carlie Second Chance - 5th
17th Alissa Second Chance - 15th, Gauntlet - 15th
16th Bria None
15th Deziree None
14th Ana Kate None
13th Jenny None
12th Lee Anne Duel 1 - 14th
11th Cindy Duel 1 - 11th
10th Aleyna Challenge 1 - 9th
9th Ellee All Stars - 17th, Gauntlet - 8th
8th Kimmie All Stars - 12th
7th Mia Lynn Duel 2 - 20th, Ganging Up - 11th
6th Arabela All Stars - 1st, Gauntlet - 2nd
5th Kymberlie Challenge 1 - 14th
4th Lissa None
3rd Kristy None
2nd Julianne All Stars - 10th
1st Christeena All Stars - 19th

Season 2 Edit

Place Name Subsequent Seasons
20th Bryanna Second Chance - 4th, Gauntlet - 12th
19th Cristal Second Chance - 11th
18th Aquarius Second Chance - 16th, Whirlwind - 15th
17th Caysee Second Chance - 6th, Ganging Up - 6th
16th Miracle None
15th Tina None
14th Stefany None
13th Staiceigh None
12th Colleen Duel 1 - 8th
11th Emelene None
10th Lea None
9th Fern Challenge 1 - 19th
8th Caurie Challenge 1 - 6th, Whirlwind - 8th
7th Laci None
6th Kaitlyn Duel 2 - 13th
5th Terilyn All Stars - 8th
4th Ladeena All Stars - 4th
3rd Laurelle All Stars - 13th, Duel 1 - 15th
2nd Kylea All Stars - 15th
1st Alania All Stars - 20th

Season 3 Edit

Place Name Subsequent Seasons
20th Mirabell Second Chance - 2nd
19th Lisitte Second Chance - 13th
18th Nacole Second Chance - 10th
17th Zaneeya Second Chance - 9th
16th Eylene Challenge 1 - 11th
15th Joselyn None
14th Janice None
13th Lanni Duel 2 - 6th
12th Stevie All Stars - 6th
11th Calleigh None
10th Wren Challenge 1 - 1st
9th Elizza None
8th Mindi None
7th Stacy All Stars - 9th
6th Rachelle Duel 1 - 16th, Whirlwind - 4th
5th Ashli None
4th Mica All Stars - 3rd
3rd Brittani All Stars - 4th
2nd Carine All Stars - 16th, Gauntlet - 10th
1st Hayley Duel 1 - 2nd, Whirlwind - 2nd, Gauntlet - 1st

Season 4 Edit

Place Name Subsequent Seasons
20th Landi Second Chance - 14th
19th September Second Chance - 3rd
18th Lila Second Chance - 7th, Duel 1 - 7th
17th Arialle Second Chance - 12th
16th Thay None
15th Autumn None
14th Shawnna None
13th Kassi Challenge 1 - 15th
12th Marianne None
11th Allie Duel 2 - 9th, Ganging Up - 15th
10th Tinitta Ganging Up - 16th
9th Niani All Stars - 7th
8th Areena All Stars - 18th
7th Tifania Ganging Up - 14th
6th Allison All Stars - 5th
5th Lizzie None
4th Kayleigh All Stars - 2nd, Duel 1 - 10th, Gauntlet - 5th
3rd Goldy Lee All Stars - 11th, Challenge 1 - 3rd
2nd Haley None
1st Amanda None

Second Chance Edit

Place Name Previous Season
16th Aquarius Season 2 - 18th
15th Alissa Season 1 - 17th
14th Landi Season 4 - 20th
13th Lisitte Season 3 - 19th
12th Arialle Season 4 - 17th
11th Cristal Season 2 - 19th
10th Nacole Season 3 - 18th
9th Zaneeya Season 3 - 17th
8th Terese Season 1 - 20th
7th Lila Season 4 - 18th
6th Caysee Season 2 - 17th
5th Carlie Season 1 - 18th
4th Bryanna Season 2 - 20th
3rd September Season 4 - 19th
2nd Mirabell Season 3 - 20th
1st Kira Season 1 - 19th

All Stars Edit

Place Name Previous Season
20th Alania Season 2 - 1st
19th Christeena Season 1 - 1st
18th Areena Season 4 - 8th
17th Ellee Season 1 - 9th
16th Carine Season 3 - 2nd
15th Kylea Season 2 - 2nd
14th Brittani Season 3 - 3rd
13th Laurelle Season 2 - 3rd
12th Kimmie Season 1 - 8th
11th Goldy Lee Season 4 - 3rd
10th Julianne Season 1 - 2nd
9th Stacy Season 3 - 7th
8th Terilyn Season 2 - 5th
7th Niani Season 4 - 9th
6th Stevie Season 3 - 12th
5th Allison Season 4 - 6th
4th Ladeena Season 2 - 4th
3rd Mica Season 3 - 4th
2nd Kayleigh Season 4 - 4th
1st Arabela Season 1 - 6th

Season 5 Edit

Place Name Subsequent Seasons
20th Maine Duel 1 - 3rd
19th Lindey None
18th Shirri None
17th Ashley None
16th Janna None
15th Cyrus Gauntlet - 19th
14th Lillie None
13th Nitasha None
12th Addy None
11th Karri None
10th Bellalynn None
9th Izzy Duel 2 - 1st
8th Mya Duel 1 - 20th
7th Kiamina Challenge 1 - 5th
6th Katherine None
5th Lina None
4th Chloe None
3rd Traci Challenge 1 - 12th, Duel 2 - 7th
2nd Taliana None
1st Keli None

Season 6 Edit

Place Name Subsequent Seasons
24th Mango Whirlwind - 12th
23rd Shanon None
22nd Cary Gauntlet - 14th
21st Zana None
20th Milley None
19th Carolyne None
18th Alejandra Gauntlet - 17th
17th Melissa Ganging Up - 20th
16th Marti None
15th Nancy None
14th Leisa Duel 2 - 12th place
13th Christan None
12th Maleen Duel 1 - 17th
11th Makenzie Challenge 1 - 18th
10th Tricia None
9th Kassidey Challenge 1 - 10th
8th Makailah None
7th Anna Laurin None
6th Tiesha None
5th Katie None
4th Adelyn Duel 2 - 16th
3rd Aleyse None
2nd Alaska None
1st Corinne Duel 1 - 4th

Season 7 Edit

Place Name Subsequent Seasons
20th Miki None
19th Angelene None
18th Kanira None
17th Dana Challenge 1 - 2nd
16th Briane None
15th Julie Duel 1 - 19th
14th Asiene Whirlwind - 18th
13th Lissy Duel 2 - 15th
12th Kae None
11th Apricot Challenge 1 - 16th
10th Janne Whirlwind - 20th
9th Nikira Duel 1 - 13th
8th Mariella None
7th Lannay None
6th Aja Duel 2 - 14th
5th Panda Gauntlet - 9th
4th Kacina None
3rd Lene None
2nd Liana Ganging Up - 4th
1st Toribelle None

Season 8 Edit

Place Name Subsequent Seasons
20th Fayth None
19th Shelli Duel 1 - 12th
18th Jenna None
17th Myranda None
16th Susan Whirlwind - 5th
15th Allyssa None
14th Britania None
13th Jamee Duel 2 - 10th
12th Nita None
11th Isis None
10th Juliet None
9th Rose None
8th India Challenge 1 - 4th
7th Nyasia None
6th Katt Challenge 1 - 13th
5th Gabrielle Duel 1 - 18th, Whirlwind - 17th
4th Meagan Ganging Up - 2nd
3rd Richine None
2nd Heaven Duel 2 - 19th
1st Emilie Whirlwind - 1st

Season 9 Edit

Place Name Subsequent Seasons
20th Zyndia None
19th Ryleigh None
18th Day None
17th Brookley Whirlwind - 9th
16th Jolise Duel 2 - 17th
15th Darcy Gauntlet - 4th
14th Destiny None
13th Sidney Challenge 1 - 20th
12th Kali Gauntlet - 11th
11th Kerrie Duel 1 - 9th
10th Dawn None
9th Pandora Ganging Up - 1st
8th Saffira None
7th Magnolia "Maggie" None
6th Jubilee Duel 1 - 5th, Gauntlet - 16th
5th Rishi None
4th Jaelyn Duel 2 - 18th, Ganging Up - 3rd
3rd Alayna Whirlwind - 14th, Gauntlet - 7th
2nd Mandelle None
1st Fireena Challenge 1 - 8th

Season 10 Edit

Place Name Subsequent Seasons
25th Daisy None
24th Shanda None
23rd Caylee None
22nd Marmalade Challenge 1 - 7th
21st Kellyre None
20th Presley None
19th Daphne None
18th Karlise None
17th Angelee Duel 2 - 2nd
16th Breyanne None
15th Kelsy Duel 1 - 1st
14th Sinda None
13th Lexine None
12th Tera None
11th Akira None
10th Leiani None
9th Chantel Duel 1 - 6th, Whirlwind - 19th
8th Docie Whirlwind - 6th
7th Marybell Duel 2 - 8th
6th Clara None
5th Kaija Challenge 1 - 17th
4th Bettina Whirlwind - 16th
3rd Brandy None
2nd Jen None
1st Denver None

Challenge 1 Edit

Unnamed Challenge. This was the first challenge, and basically brought people back from the 10 seasons to compete in the same game they did before.

Place Name Past Seasons
20th Sidney Season 9
19th Fern Season 2
18th Makenzie Season 6
17th Kaija Season 10
16th Apricot Season 7
15th Kassi Season 4
14th Kymberlie Season 1
13th Katt Season 8
12th Traci Season 5
11th Eylene Season 3
10th Kassidey Season 6
9th Aleyna Season 1
8th Fireena Season 9
7th Marmalade Season 10
6th Caurie Season 2
5th Kiamina Season 5
4th India Season 8
3rd Goldy Lee Season 4, All Stars
2nd Dana Season 7
1st Wren Season 3

Duel 1 Edit

20 players from past seasons came back to play "the Duel". See Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Duel 2 for the format. I didn't keep sufficient information, so no chart is available.

Place Name Past Seasons
20th Mya Season 5
19th Julie Season 7
18th Gabrielle Season 8
17th Maleen Season 6
16th Rachelle Season 3
15th Laurelle Season 2, All Stars
14th Lee Anne Season 1
13th Nikira Season 7
12th Shelli Season 8
11th Cindy Season 1
10th Kayleigh Season 4, All Stars
9th Kerrie Season 9
8th Colleen Season 2
7th Lila Season 4, Second Chance
6th Chantel Season 10
5th Jubilee Season 9
4th Corinne Season 6
3rd Maine Season 5
2nd Hayley Season 3
1st Kelsy Season 10

Memorable Moments Edit

  • Maine, arguably physically the weakest competitor, went into several duels and won all of them except the final three one. She took out several strong people, such as Rachelle and Kayleigh.
  • Mya and Julie, after being chosen for the first duel, both threw immense fits. Rachelle, after losing to Maine, was also very upset at losing to a "weak player". Also, Nikira threw a fit after being chosen for the duel.
  • Chantel, Kelsy, Jubilee, and Corinne had a strong friendship which led them through the game.
  • In the final mission, Hayley and Kelsy were tied nearly the whole time.
  • Chantel's reluctance for physical contact and heights made her apprehensive to do most missions.
  • Both Jubilee and Corinne's eliminations were very surprising as they were considered the "two strongest people in the game".

Duel 2 Edit

Same format as the Duel 1. This season brought back 4 people from previous seasons and, in a new twist, four new "rookies" who had never appeared on the show before.

Place Name Past Seasons
20th Mia Lynn Season 1
19th Heaven Season 8
18th Jaelyn Season 9
17th Jolise Season 9
16th Adelyn Season 6
15th Lissy Season 7
14th Aja Season 7
13th Kaitlyn Season 2
12th Leisa Season 6
11th Mady None*
10th Jamee** Season 8
9th Allie Season 4
8th Marybell Season 10
7th Traci Season 5, Challenge 1
6th Lanni Season 3
5th Daria None*
4th Cey None*
3rd Adana None*
2nd Angelee Season 10
1st Izzy Season 5

*Mady, Daria, Cey, and Adana were never on an original season. They were all cast as Rookies.

**Jamee was disqualified from the competition because of repetitive fighting.

Name Subsequent Seasons
Mady Ganging Up - 18th
Daria Ganging Up - 12th
Adana None
Cey None
Contestants Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1011 12
Heaven OUT
Mia Lynn OUT

Memorable Moments Edit

  • The four rookies, Mady, Adana, Daria, and Cey, were a constant target. In the first challenge which involved voting out people you didn't like based on first impressions, they were the first four out.
  • In an infamous moment, Jamee, who had taunted "quiet, shy" Lissy since the beginning, provoked her by stealing the hairband her grandmother gave her. Outraged, Lissy physically tried to attack Jamee. Neither were disqualified, although both were given a warning and could not participate in the challenge that day. Later that round, Lissy went into the duel and was eliminated.
  • After Lissy went home, Jamee then taunted Angelee, who had a similar, but less volatile reaction than Lissy. Jamee was then disqualified and sent home.
  • Leisa, like Maine in Duel 1, was considered one of the weakest players but survived in two duels against two relatively strong people.
  • Angelee went into an amazing number of six duels. Despite being considered weak and performing badly in the challenges, she won every single one of them to make it to the finals.
  • On her original season, Angelee played a dirty game and stirred up as much controversy as possible, so when she made the final 2 and the 18 eliminated contestants got to vote which player deserved an advantage in the final challenge, both she and Izzy were shocked when she received it. The jury's votes were based on the number of duels she won to stay in the game.
  • Cey won a total of three missions and was considered the strongest rookie, until she was eliminated in a duel against Angelee.
  • Izzy got second in five missions, frustrating her. In the end, she won the second-to-last mission.

Whirlwind Edit

Place Name Past Seasons
20th Janne Season 7
19th Chantel Season 10, Duel 1
18th Asiene Season 7
17th Gabrielle Season 8, Duel 1
16th Bettina Season 10
15th Aquarius Season 2, Second Chance
14th Alayna Season 9
13th Cikara None*
12th Mango Season 6
11th Aleah None*
10th Tanita None*
9th Brookley Season 9
8th Caurie Season 2, Challenge 1
7th Aeri None*
6th Docie Season 10
5th Susan Season 8
4th Rachelle Season 3, Duel 1
3rd Shayna None*
2nd Hayley Season 3, Duel 1
1st Emilie Season 3

*Cikara, Aleah, Tanita, Aeri, and Shayna were never on an original season. They were all casted as Rookies.

Name Subsequent Seasons
Cikara None
Aleah None
Tanita None
Aeri Ganging Up - 9th
Shayna None

Rookie Revolution Edit

Every single cast member was a rookie, never appearing on a previous season.

Place Name Subsequent Seasons
20th Maridy None
19th Teal None
18th Nittalia Ganging Up - 13th
17th Emileigh Ganging Up - 17th
16th Michelina None
15th Stephanee None
14th Cerria None
13th Zeena None
12th Aneeka None
11th Areille None
10th Nadaly None
9th Zia None
8th Kahri None
7th Ariis None
6th Verena None
5th Maple None
4th Perita None
3rd Annaliene None
2nd Amy None
1st Jannelle None

Gauntlet Edit

Place Name Past Seasons
20th Serenity May None*
19th Cyrus Season 5
18th Aimee None*
17th Alejandra Season 6
16th Jubilee Season 9, Duel 1
15th Alissa Season 1, Second Chance
14th Cary Season 6
13th Kate None*
12th Bryanna Season 2, Second Chance
11th Kali Season 9
10th Carine Season 3, All Stars
9th Panda Season 7
8th Ellee Season 1, All Stars
7th Alayna Season 9, Whirlwind
6th Tynai None*
5th Kayleigh Season 4, All Stars, Duel 1
4th Darcy Season 9
3rd Taliya None*
2nd Arabela Season 1, All Stars
1st Hayley Season 3, Duel 1, Whirlwind
  • Aimee, Kate, Serenity May, Taliya, and Tynai were all cast as rookies.
Name Subsequent Seasons
Serenity May None
Aimee None
Kate None
Tynai None
Taliya None

Memorable Moments Edit

  • Aimee was seen as an alcoholic and was drinking nearly every night. She had several emotional outbursts and was deemed very difficult to tolerate as she could not control her behavior when drunk.
  • Darcy and Cary had an ongoing feud. Cary also fought with Ellee, while Darcy also had a feud with Panda.
  • Tynai constantly bullied Taliya because she perceived the latter as "abandoning" the rookies and "sucking up" to the veterans to try to stay in the game. At one point, Tynai manhandled Taliya out of her room. At another point, Tynai physically removes Taliya's mattress and puts it outside. The rivalry continued as Taliya threw Tynai into the elimination round whenever she won, and the two fought nearly every episode. Their rivalry culminated in being pit against each other in an elimination round, in which Taliya came out victorious.
  • Alejandra fell and broke her leg, though she chose to continue on in the competition with a cast, which prevented her from competing in a mission at one point. She was soon eliminated in an elimination round against Alissa.
  • Kayleigh and Arabela, who had worked together in the past and been in the final two on All Stars, initially started off the season on uncertain terms and opposite alliances. The tension came to a head with an argument between the two, but they soon made up and formed a secret alliance. However, later in the game, Arabela felt Kayleigh was manipulating her and berated her.
  • Panda surprised everyone by winning two missions of her own, despite being seen as the weakest player.
  • In a shocking turn of events, the house was able to get Hayley and her good friend and strong competitor Jubilee into an early elimination round. Hayley eventually sent Jubilee home.
  • Darcy was a manipulator who used her alliance to her advantage. At one point, she convinces the house to vote in Bryanna (her good friend) into the elimination with her, as Bryanna was the person she thought she had the best chance to beat. Later, she uses her alliance with Alayna and Taliya to vote in fellow alliance-mate (but strong competitor) Ellee into the elimination round, shocking everyone and causing a screaming match between her and Ellee.
  • At the final 4, Hayley won the mission and got to choose who was safe from the elimination round. She shocked everyone by choosing Taliya to be safe, which infuriated Darcy who assumed she would be safe. Darcy and Hayley ended up having a huge fight over the decision.
  • The final 5 mission consisted of the players' mothers showing up and performing in the mission with them. Seeing her mother causes homesickness for Taliya, who almost quits, but she decides to stay in the game.

Ganging Up Edit

Place Name Past Seasons
20th Melissa Season 6
19th Keela None*
18th Mady Duel 2
17th Emileigh Rookie Revolution
16th Tinitta Season 4
15th Allie Season 4, Duel 2
14th Tifania Season 4
13th Nittalia Rookie Revolution
12th Daria Duel 2
11th Mia Lynn Season 1, Duel 2
10th Ashlee None*
9th Aeri Whirlwind
8th Iridian *None
7th Irula *None
6th Caysee Season 2, Second Chance
5th Saskia None*
4th Liana Season 7
3rd Jaelyn Season 9, Duel 2
2nd Meagan Season 8
1st Pandora Season 9

*Ashlee, Iridian, Irula, Keela, and Saskia were all cast as rookies.

Name Subsequent Seasons
Keela None
Ashlee None
Iridian None
Irula None
Saskia None

Coliseum Edit

Draw Blood Edit